The Counselling Room - EMDR
The Counselling Room - EMDR  


Thank you so much for listening to my very complicated problems. Our sessions together have really helped me cope with this very difficult period of my life.  


Thank you so much for helping get where I am today - I really appreciate the time you have put in and help and effort help with my problem.  


Thank you so much for helping my husband, he is in a much better place now and is more in control and opens up to me now  


Just wanted to thank you again for the last couple of months - it's been great   


I would like to thank you for all the help you gave me, you honestly helped me sort my head out  


Although at times the counselling was difficult and painful,  I did enjoy it and benefited enormously from the sessions.  I would like to thank Mari for her help. 


I am not the sort of person to turn to counselling, so for me to say it helped is saying how good Mari.  She was funny, sweet, helped - the word for her is amazing.  


I found Mari to be incredibly engaging and patient.  I found myself opening myself up to her with little or no effort on my part.  I felt as though I was speaking with a friend that I had known for a long time.  I found her suggestions on how to apply her techniques into my everyday life to be most helpful.  


Thank you very much Mari, you've been incredibly helpful during a rough patch and I appreciate your time    HS  Bury


I have been able to discuss how I feel and what has been troubling me.  The sessions have given me direction and made me see what's important in life.   


Mari was wonderful, understanding and easy to talk to - I was able to talk about anything I wanted to - I am now happier, realised  I am just a normal mum and am allowed to find being a mum hard.  

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